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Tidy Towns - Sustainable Communities

Would you like to be involved in the Henty Tidy Town Group?

If you are interested in doing something for our team, please contact the Co-ordinator of Tidy Town, Yvonne Booth on 6929 3236, or Henty Community Development Committee Chairman Maurice Schuller on 6929 3559.

It is essential that a Tidy Town group must work through the Henty Community Development Committee. They are leading our team onto greater sustainable activities which wll make our town a better place to live.

You may be interested in heritage, wildlife corridors, infrastructure, beautification, school environment or parks and  gardens. Become a volunteer and enjoy the rewards.


"Footprints of the Pioneers" is a social history of 120 families who were early settlers in the NSW town of Henty. Buried in the Henty Cemetery and being born before 1900 is the criteria for inclusion in this compilation of stories.

Some people were born and bred locally, others made arduous treks or long voyages to reach their new home in the Eastern Riverina. In telling these stories, author Yvonne Booth reveals how these pioneering families worked and lived, building a community of hard working independant people.

This is a Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities Project in the Heritage and Cultural category. The book received a grant from the Royal Australian Historical Society as the concept is unique.

"Footprints of Yesteryear" reveals more of Henty's past in this second volume of stories about the people buried in the towns cemetery. These stories expose the decades of pain and grief of still births, the tragedies of lives lost to drowning, sickness and shootings. There is the tale of the Indian hawkers who found respect and a new life far from home.

This book and its predecessor, "Footprints of the Pioneers", began as a journey for the Henty community to discover their heritage through the graves at the cemetery. it led to most of the 250 people buried in unmarked graves being identified and today having their last resting place marked with a nameplate and plinth.

The book launch was held at the Civic Centre in the form of an archival film night, with intermission of jaffas, fantales and ice cream buckets. Cinemasound newsreels from the 1930's plus cartoons and gems from the national film archives preceded the feature film "On our Selection".

Books are available form Yvonne on 02 6929 3236 or PO Box 2, Henty 2658, from Dymocks Albury, Collins Book Shop Wagga Wagga, The Open Book Temora. The Stockman's Hall of Fame is a Queensland outlet and the Lutheran Archives in Adelaide.