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Henty & District Historical Society

Henty & District Historical Society

“The Henty and District Historical Society had their inaugural meeting at the Henty Memorial Hall on 22nd August, 2014 and became an incorporated entity November, 2013,

The Society are affiliated with the Royal Historical Society NSW (RAS) which enables The Society to receive their support, access to their archives; publications; seminars and content of their emails which are passed on to every member with email access. The Society also gain access to publically funded grants: regional, state and national.

Our Society has an obligation to record and research all parochial history and record this without opinion whilst ensuring its accuracy is based on fact.

The Society conducts investigations into our District’s history and produces reference material on our findings. We endeavour to be accurate in all our investigations. We are currently undertaking in excess of 12 projects.

The Society does not have a collection of items. Our intent is to record history and recommend the process to preserve history. The Society do not have premises to hold a collection and Henty already has four Museums. One Public and 3 private collections.

We meet at Henty’s Lifestyle Centre, 6 Allen Street, last Thursday of each month and meeting times may vary depending on the season.  Interested members of the public are most welcome to attend.

Becoming a member entitles you to receive our bulletin, become involved in a wide range of activities and meet with like-minded people. A committee of seven members manages the business which allows our general meetings to be devoted to interesting topics.” 

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