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Footprints From Yesteryear

It's 3 years since "Footprints of the Pioneers" was released. A social history of Henty was revealed through the telling of 120 family stories of people born and bred locally, and others who made ardious treks or long voyages to reach their new homestead

A second book "Footprints from the yesteryear" includes 50 more pioneering families who helped build a hard working, caring and independant community. You can also read the cemetery's history about the 250 unmarked graves, Indian hawkers, still born babies, tragedies, funeral directors and cemetery tours.

This is a community project, co-ordinated by story writer Yvonne Booth. photographers, proof readers, researchers and passionate contributers of family histories have all played a part in having another book published.

Henty's culture & heritage is well preserved for future generations "If we celebrate the years behind us, they leave footprints of strength and joys for the years ahead"

Books can be obtained from Yvonne Booth 69293236, Dales Hyway Store and Dales Electrical.