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Community Development Committee


The current members of the Committee are -

Neil Meyer - Chairman, Garry Small, Jamie Armstrong, Dennis Kane, Graham Klemke, Yvonne Booth
Members of the community can if they wish have any suggestions or concerns raised at our monthly meeting. Please come to the meeting at 6.30 pm on the second Tuesday of the month or put in writing and drop into the Office/Library prior to the meeting.
As a section 355 Committee of Council the following is the TERMS OF REFERENCE which we follow.
The Committee shall be established as a Committee of Council under Section 355 of the Local Government Act (1993) (the Act) and have authorised such functions under Section 377 Delegated Functions of the Act as detailed in the Committees' TERMS OF REFRENCE.
NAME OF COMMITTEE:  The name of the Committee shall be the -


  • Committee is to consist of at least 7 and up to 12 local citizens representative of the various demographic
  • groups to ensure a broad community and business representation including where possible each of the following five groups:-  Rural, Young Families, Senior Citizens, Business and Henty Showground Management Committee
  • A Councillor Delegate
  • Other Councillors Communtiy and Business Members, the General Manager and other Managers of
  • Council are encouraged to attend, but not vote at, Henty Community Development meetings Membership of the Committee shall be by letter of appointment of Greater Hume Shire Council
The Committee may be dissolved at any time by Council but normally holds office for a four year term, ceasing three months after each general election of Council
Members are welcome to nominate for another term

The Committee shall elect a chairperson on an annual basis

Casual vacancies will be filled by advertising in the local area for nominations.  This will be considered by the remaining members of the Committee who will make a recommendation to Council.
The Committee is to meet at least once a month and as required excluding January
The purpose of this Committee is to:
        -    Develop a shared vision for the social, economic and community development of the Henty and district 
        -    Consider issues important to and affecting the Henty Community and make recommendations to Council
             regarding the allocation of resources for expenditure within the Henty and disctrict
        -    Provide a forum for members of the Henty Community to raise issues of concern to the local community
          Ensure ongoing communication between community and the Council
        -    Provide advice from a broad community perspective on the current and future development of Henty and
              the surrounding district
        -     Actively liaise with the residents of Henty and surrounds to seek opinions from a broad cross-section of
               the community regarding the development of the area
        -     Encourage community input and support and participate in projects as necessary
        -     Invite advice from other community members or committees to assist with special projects
        -     Form Sub-Committees as appropriate to achieve identified goals
        -     Oversee the implementation and continuing development of the Henty Plan
        -     Annually review and develop the management plan to ensure that objectives are achieved and that the
               plan maintains its relevance and is addressing community needs
        -     Assist the Community Development Officer and appropriate Council Officers
                    >  Prioritise the Objectives identified in the Henty Plan
                    >  Devise a work plan for the implementation of strategies
                    >  Make recommendations regarding these plans to Council
           Feedback to the community information regarding:
                    >   Development of the Henty Plan
                    >   Other Development Committee and Council initiatives
  If you have any suggestions or comments please use the form on the contact us page of the site. 

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